29 February 2012

NA Rebuild - MX5Parts Exhaust

Arrived yesterday, the MX5Parts exhaust, bought with a convenient discount, last week.
Welds are very good and i hope to install it soon on the NA. I want hear the Music of this exhaust!

24 February 2012

NA Rebuild - Shopping Time #2

Yesterday from I.L. Motorsport!

23 February 2012

MX5 of the Day - Drifting Miata!

22 February 2012

NA Rebuild - Shopping Time

Yesterday from MX5Parts:

20 February 2012

MX5 of the day - Hellaflush Summer Love

Really nice set from Hellaflush.com with a nice slammed NA and five beautiful girl waiting summer...

Here a preview:

13 February 2012

NA Rebuild - Rearview Mirrors Repair

Today a little work on the NA. The rearview mirrors were blocked by years of rain, salt, ecc... So i decided to remove them, completely disassemble them, clean, grease, and replace the master screw of the right one, it was very rusted and when i try to remove it, i broke it after 2 second...

A lot of salt everywhere!

Salt removed with the metal brush behind the mirror.

Work done!

05 February 2012

Smiling NC!

My NC after a snowy night!