24 April 2012

17 April 2012

MX5 NA Wheel Corner - Rota Grid V 15x8 ET0

MX5 Miata NA - Rota Grid-V 15x8 ET0 O_O One of my favourite setup!

13 April 2012

Pic of the day - Time to say SHIT! O_O

OMG! Stop for 1 second and try to think what the driver is saying/thinking in a moment like this!

06 April 2012

MX5 of the day - How to polish rims lips

Nice Slammed NA pic which explain how to polish your Rimz Lip! ;-)

05 April 2012

100.000 Views! Thanks!

Thanks all, for your 100.000 Views!
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02 April 2012

NA Rebuild - Service and many other work

In the last 2 weeks i've do many works, normal service manteniance, and do some repair...
Work done:
- Spark Plug replaced, you can see here the old one... I don't know how the car can going started with this Spark Plugs!
- Ignition Leads replaced with 8mm I.L Motorsport kit.
- Oil replace (Castrol Magnatec 10W40) + Mazda Oil Filter.
- Thermostat replaced
- Radiator Flush
- OEM Exhaust Repair ( try to :-) ) for MOT test...

I've buyed a little inverter electrode welding station for repair the OEM Exhaust, but is an hard operation... the exhaust is very rusted and in some point is very thin. There were 2 big 4cm holes. I hope that i will completely fix the OEM exhaust for MOT test.

Now there is also another problem... The radiator fan does not start when water is hot... It starts only when i bridge GND and TEN in the diagnosis plug... Fan Motor is OK, but the temperature sensor on the thermostat maybe not working correctly...

OMG! These are the old rusty and oxided Spark Plug
MX5 Parts Catback Exhaust, temporarily installed for hear his sound

OEM exhaust repaired or almost... i'm a nooob welder!

The old thermostat.

The OEM metal gasket... I haven't use this gasket again.

Thermostat off.

New Thermostat on, you can see the red silicon sealant for engine.

Engine bay now, with the new blue ignition leads.