31 December 2012

NA Rebuild - Shopping Time #4

Christmas Present by myself!
Happy, Happy :-)

27 November 2012

1967 Lotus Elan and Mazda MX-5 Super 20

The Super20 is sure a great track version of MX5 NC, but i can kill someone for have 1967 Lotus Elan!

16 November 2012

NA Rebuild - New Aluminium Radiator

Finally i've got a new aluminium radiator! Bought on Ebay from Stoney Racing shop... On February, i've already bought another radiator from IL Motorsport, but it was defective... So, they refund  me all the payed amount (Great and honest Vendor!). But now, aluminium radiator all over Europe are not in stock. Out of stock on MX5Parts, IL Motorsport... So, i found this not expensive radiator with fan shroud on Ebay... Installed few days ago, now is in test phase!

Vendor say, is a 52mm core. But seems a 60mm!
Now some preview of this new radiator:

Thin film of threadlocker on the screw inside the fan shroud

Little bit damaged package...

13 November 2012

LLCC Challenge 2012 - Imola Reportage - Part 1

Rainy Track Day, on this round of LLCC Challege 2012... Imola is one of best track in the world, together with Mugello Circuit, and it's a big emotion driving on this fabulous track. Tarmac were really slippery and drive fast, here, with those conditions require a very bad ass!

11 November 2012

08 November 2012

Pic of the day - Perfect Weight Distribution


31 October 2012

MX5 Super25 at SEMA 2012

Following up on last year's MX-5 Super20 Concept, Mazda has pulled the covers off a somewhat different: The MX5 Super25, created with endurance racing in mind. Some SPEC of this amazing concept:

- PIAA 40 Series halogen lamps front and center to light the way ahead.
- Sparco racing seat (Evo competition), harness and steering wheel (R323)
- AiM MXL data acquisition logger
- 17-inch Volk Racing T37 six-spoke matte black wheels
- BFGoodrich g-Force™ R1™ 225-45ZR17 tires.
- Brembo Big Brake

30 October 2012

Get excited looking her eyes

Amazing photo! This Miata seems to have the same expression of my face, looking a girl with an ass like this!

25 October 2012

Pics of the Day - Obey the Law

08 October 2012

Na Rebuild - Clutch Master & Slave replaced

Another work weekend on the NA... This is the time of Clutch Master, Slave, and stainless steel clutch line. Wow, now the clutch pedal seems more stiff than the past, and the 1>2 2>3 shift are now regular... 3>2 shift, instead, are less smooth than the past, but this shifting remain a bit harder, and on track could be a problem...

The old oil, was black and dirty...

Under the Cam Angle Sensor: May it have an oil leak from the O-Ring?

The new clutch line vs the old

A zipties is a good idea, so the clutch line can't touch the engine

The new DOT4 is so cleaaaan :-)

03 October 2012

Gauge Panel Layout Test

Finally, yesterday i've finished to arrange the layout of the new gauge panel. I've also closed the radio slot with an aluminium sheet. Now it is ready for new gauges!

This is the type of gauges i'll probably install on the NA. Depo Racing Analogic/Digital Stepper Motor gauges.

28 September 2012

Na Rebuild - Various Jobs done!

In the last 3/4 days, i've done some other jobs on the NA:
- Adjusted alternator belt tension, because at start, everyone in a 1km range, could heard a terrible squeeeeeak noise from the engine bay. After tension adjust, now is all OK!
- Fuel Filter replaced:

Seats are now cleaned!

Found another problem: Oil leakage under the shifter... May it comes from the small hole you see behind the engine oil pan?

25 September 2012

Low&Clean NA - CJ Gann's

Wow, really amazing Miata, seen today on the Original Article on Canibeat.com. Miata is a suitable car, for many different style of tuning. I prefer a soft race car look, because she has inside, a cheap and funny race car soul... But also, low & clean style, give to our miata, an amazing look!

Here some preview, but follow on Canibeat other pics of this amazing NA!

19 September 2012

III Japanese Cars Meeting - Suviana - Part II

Indubbiamente il paradiso per ogni appassionato di motori, ho visto qui ai vari JCM le auto che ho sempre ammirato da sbarbato e che conoscevo solo ed esclusivamente tramite foto su Internet... Oramai i miei occhi hanno già consumato nelle passate edizioni le varie R34, ma ce ne è sempre una nuova che manca all'appello della mia vista! Ho potuto ammirare un NSX e delle R33 questa volta! Qualcosa di incredibile... Che bello vedere la sostanza! Altro che raduni Tannnnning dei tamarri, tra led, stereo, e astronavi alettonate... Qui oltre al meglio del japan made, c'è della sostanza nei cofani e nello stile coerente. Al di là del raduno statico, ugualmente bello, è soprattutto l'arrivo, il ritrovo all'autogrill, la strada insieme, vedere queste chicche in movimento, sentire il sound (soprattutto in galleria). Chissà cosa riserverà il futuro? Gli organizzatori, sempre molto dinamici, dovranno guardare ai prossimi eventi guardando alla crescita del numero delle auto e al fatto che magari qualcuno lo vorrebbe leggermente più dinamico. Come sentivo da varie, voci "tra la gente", tra i partecipanti, magari fuori dal paddock di qualche pista qualsiasi potrebbe essere una soluzione, dove volendo, chi vuole, può fare lavorare un po' di freni e gomme. Alla prossima!