30 January 2011

27 January 2011

Drift Event - Castelletto di Branduzzo (Italy) - 8/9 January

NB of a MX5Italia user (Triciclomissile) in action in this rainy and funny training event. Enjoy!

DRIFT TEAM from Andrea Tessera on Vimeo.

25 January 2011

My DIY Racing Simulation Cockpit

As said in this iRacing post my other passion is Racing Simulation. As i promise, these are the pics of my Racing Cockpit, but now i'm modding time, and in next days i'll post the photo of the new layout. Now the cockpit is totally changed. Stay tuned for the pics of the new layout.

Last photo of my Race Sim Cockpit.

Last photo of my Race Sim Cockpit.

Last photo of my Race Sim Cockpit.

20 January 2011

MX5 NC in Wind Tunnel

Roadster with Top Up - Cx= 0.39

Roadster with Top Down - Cx= 0,45

Roadster Coupè with Top Up - Cx= 0.37

17 January 2011

Just Passing Through

Nice photo found on Flickr from: Micheal Spear Hawkins.

13 January 2011

Catheram - Lola SP/300.R

This car is really amazing... stop.

The concept of the track car is a relatively new one, bridging the divide between racing cars and road cars. And with the confines of street driving constricting the enjoyment of sports cars on public roads, more and more drivers with the means have been opting for track-optimized performance machines. Particularly in the UK. What better company, then, to join the legions than Caterham? The niche British sportscar company made a name for itself in continuing the production of the legendary Lotus 7, and while Caterham isn't abandoning that formula by any means, it has announced the new SP/300R as a second line. Built in collaboration with Lola – that of racing car fame – the Caterham SP/300R follows the same Le Mans-style prototype model popularized by rival firm Radical. Technical details are still being finalized, but the beating heart of this consumer prototype is a 2.0-liter Ford Duratec engine, supercharged and tweaked in-house to the tune of 300 horsepower. The engine is mounted longitudinally amidships and mated to a Hewland sequential transmission, but the chassis is designed to accommodate a range of powertrains at the buyer's request. As is, though, the manufacturer anticipates a 2.5-second sprint to 60, thanks mainly to its tidy 1,300-pound curb weight. Caterham released the SP/300R as promised at the Autosport International show in Birmingham, England. It will only be building 25 examples of the vehicle each year – with a pre-tax price tag of £60,000 (around $93,000 USD) and plans to launch a spec racing series built around the vehicle as well. A street-legal version is also under consideration, but for now this beast remains confined to the track where it belongs. Follow the jump for a video and the full press release, and check out the trio of images released thus far in the gallery below.

From: Autoblog.com 

Technical Specifications:
Engine Supercharged Ford Duratec 2.0L
Max Power 305PS @ 7500rpm
Push-to-Pass Power 335PS @ 7800rpm
Max Torque 290Nm @ 7500rpm
0-60mph (claimed) 2.8s
Top Speed 290kph
Wheelbase 2600mm
Overall Length 4200mm
Overall Width 1700mm
Height 1015mm
Downforce 450kg @ 250kph
Weight 545kg

Chassis and Body:
• Lola-developed aluminium honeycomb monocoque chassis
• Seven-piece lightweight polyurethane body system
• Lola-developed aero package, including:
– Adjustable carbon rear wing
– Composite front splitter
– Composite rear diffuser
– Aero optimised dive planes
– Three stage downforce configuration
• Quick lifting onboard air jack system
• Left or right hand drive
• Schroth six point harnesses
• MSA specification twin roll over protection hoops
• MSA specification front crash structure
• FIA approved fuel cell with external filling point

• Caterham supercharged Ford Duratec 1999cc
• Rotrex supercharger with charge air cooling
• Aero optimised induction
• Uprated conrods, pistons and bearings
• Dry sump oil system
• High efficiency ducted cooling system (40oC ambient)
• Aero optimised high level ducted quiet exhaust
• Hewland FTR six speed sequential gearbox
• Shiftec paddle shift system
• Dual plate sintered clutch
• Limited slip differential

• Adjustable pushrod activiated coil-over spring-dampers
• Adjustable anti-roll bars front and rear
• Lola Formula 3 gearbox mounted suspension Braking System
• AP Racing braking system
• AP Racing adjustable pedal box Wheels and Tyres
• ATS centre-lock Formula 3 wheels 9x13 and 10.5x13
• Cooper Formula 3 size bespoke slick tyres

• Front low/high beam lights with permanent LED running lights
• Rear LED running lights with integrated brake lights
• High-intensity rain light
• Pectel engine and gearbox management system with integrated data logging
• Momo steering wheel with integral driver display system

12 January 2011

Snap from Track #1 - AutoX NC2

Makofoto's MX5 for 2010 SCCA Solo STR class.

10 January 2011

Evil MX5 NC - Funny

I found on the Net, this funny modified MX5 Niseko advertisement, by a writer somewhere in Germany (?).
Really fun! ;-)

07 January 2011

Time Attack - MX5 NC2

04 January 2011

Top Gear - Middle East Special

Clarkson, Hammond and May journey through the Middle East to Bethlehem in a Mazda MX5 NB, a BMW Z3 and a Fiat Barchetta. I love Top Gear! Too fun, too mad! ;-)